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Secure Protection

Butterfly Body Liner

Wings provide hygienic removal

Absorbent core and odor shield protect against accidental leakage

Adhesive gently adheres to your skin for a secure fit

Butterfly Body Liners are a totally new personal hygiene product designed to provide secure protection for ABL. Butterfly liners are discreet pads that fit gently between the buttocks. Because Butterfly pads for bowel leakage are a totally new kind of protection, it’s important to learn how to position it correctly for maximum comfort and protection. Remember, a product this new may take some practice to get it just right! How to use Butterfly »

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Butterfly Body Liners Designed by You

It’s impossible to truly understand accidental bowel leakage without experiencing it. That’s why we worked with more than 1,000 women affected by ABL to make sure we got it right. Women told us they like Butterfly’s absorbent core, and they helped guide us on Butterfly’s adhesive. Butterfly uses a gentle, dermal adhesive so its ‘stay-fast’ wings ensure a comfortable and secure fit. See what Butterfly users have to say about Butterfly and why there are no other incontinence products quite like it!

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Butterfly Inspires Confidence

We’re thrilled when women tell us that Butterfly pads help them feel confident and protected going about their day. Our studies show 9 out of 10 of Butterfly users find Butterfly provides the protection they need. Women tell us there are no other incontinence products like Butterfly!

What Women Are Saying About Butterfly

I couldn’t even feel it. I totally forgot it was even there. I’ve had this problem for many years. I love this product. It makes life easier. Now when I go out I’m prepared.