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How do I keep the Butterfly® patch from getting wet when I urinate? (for women)

Make sure you’ve got the ‘Long Wings’ facing up towards your back, and the absorbent core gently touching your anus. If that doesn’t do the trick, consider either trying a smaller size or removing the Butterfly patch before you urinate.

Will I get used to the feeling of wearing a Butterfly patch?

At first, you may find the feeling of something in between your buttocks unusual. But hang in there. When placed correctly, the Butterfly patch should feel comfortable. If it’s not, be sure to check that you have the center of the Butterfly patch tucked all the way up between your buttocks with its absorbent core touching your anus and the adhesive gently adhered to your skin.

Are Butterfly patches flushable?

No, Butterfly patches are not safe to flush and they are not septic-safe. Please dispose in the trash.

What if Butterfly doesn’t work for me?

Butterfly is unlike any product on the market, so it may take some time to get used to wearing one. However, we’re so confident you’ll discover newfound confidence as you grow comfortable with Butterfly that, if you still aren’t satisfied after your first box, we’ll give you a full refund. View our money-back guarantee.

Does the Butterfly patch have to be adhered to me?

Yes. Some people worry the adhesive touching their skin will feel uncomfortable but actually, the opposite is true. The Butterfly patch is most comfortable and effective when gently adhered to your skin so it doesn’t move or bunch up.

Do I wear the Butterfly patch adhered to my underwear?

No. The Butterfly patch is made to be tucked up between your cheeks with its absorbent core gently touching your anus. This puts the protection right where the problem is, absorbing minor bowel leakage and helping neutralize odors.

“With Butterfly, I can feel more feminine. It made me feel pretty again.”

Janice, 53

“With Butterfly, I can go on a date with my husband and feel secure.”

Joyce, 58

“With Butterfly, I can feel confident and go on with everyday life.”

Tina, 51

“It's a confidence thing...With Butterfly I can go out and know that I'm safer.”

Alan, 70