How to Use

It looks easy, but it may take some practice. 

Butterfly® is most comfortable and effective when it is tucked all the way up between your buttocks with its absorbent core gently touching your anus. When placed correctly, people say they forget they're even wearing one.

How to use Butterfly® body liners

For maximum comfort and protection, please follow these instructions.
Step 1:

Peel the paper backing off and fold the Butterfly® in half with the adhesive on the outside of the fold.

Hold the Butterfly® so that, when in position, the ‘Long Wings’ are facing up towards your back for easy removal.


Step 2:

Reach around (or reach between your legs) and use your finger to guide the center of the Butterfly® to your anus. Press adhesive to secure Butterfly® to your cheeks.

For maximum comfort, it’s important for the center of the Butterfly to be touching your anus, and the adhesive gently adhered to your skin. When Butterfly® is placed properly, people say they forget they’re even wearing one.

When Butterfly® is placed correctly:

  • The center of the Butterfly® should touch your anus
  • The adhesive should be gently adhered to your skin
  • The ‘Long Wings’ should be facing up towards your back for easy, hygienic removal
  • The ‘Short Wings’ should be out of the way of your stream of urine